Pedal through the Mountain Turns

Trinity County is a meca for mountain bikers. Several trails afford experiences for the novice and experienced biker. Some trails are moderately strenuous requiring the rider and bike to be in fairly good shape. The scenic vistas are worth the effort: Trinity Alps, Trinity Divide and Trinity Lake.


At the center of moutain biking is the  Weaver Basin Trail System. These community managed trails follow the gold mining ditch lines as they traverse the mountain sides surounding Weaverville, making for mulitple easy access points from town. You won’t find a terrain park here, but there is plenty of technical singletrack to keep you focused and in the zone.

A great mountain bike ride for people of all experience levels is along the Trinity Lake Shoreline Trail/Minersville Trail that parallels the shoreline of Trinity Lake. The trail runs from Pinewood Cove to Clark Springs. Either as an out and back or as a short shuttle, this trail skirts through the trees along a section of the Trinity Lake shoreline. On a hot summer ride, take a break and jump in the lake to cool off.

Of course, if you don’t mind putting on some larger tires and getting a little dusty, a whole new world of riding opens up when the Forest Service roads are included.  Within the Shasta-Trinity National Forest are numerous trails that will keep you entertained for days.   Two areas of particular interest to mountain bikers are the Bowerman Ridge area near Trinity Lake and the Indian Valley-Butter Creek area near Hayfork.

Of course, some would rather the quiet, silky smooth pleasures of road riding. For that, park in Lewiston and loop out around on Trinity Dam Boulevard to Highway 3 and back to Lewiston via Rush Creek Road. Here you get to take in views of both lakes, Trinity   and Lewison as well as the dam in between.

Mountain Bike Competitions

Team Bigfoot holds two sanctioned mountain bike competitions here each year, including the season-ending finals of the Northern California Cross Country Championship Series.

Road Races

Road racers also get their chance to explore Trinity County. The grueling  Hayfork Century enters its fifth year in 2013, growing bigger and better every year. If you’re a bike enthusiast looking for a challenge, breathtaking vistas and fun activities — off the beaten path — then the June Hayfork Century is right for you!

This 115-mile century challenges you with 10,800 feet of climbing in the Klamath mountains with spectacular views of the Trinity Alps and Mt. Shasta. Four other rides provide challenges for riders of varying abilities and distance needs

The Hayfork Century starts and ends in the country fairgrounds. Their maps are a good place to start.